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Business Overlay Project Outline

Statement of Purpose – Primarily, to parlay the geographic proximity of Indian School Road to Camelback Road to create a more vibrant economic and residential link between them. Simultaneously, to make the Indian School Corridor from 51N to 44th Street a residential, retail, dining, and small business bridge between Scottsdale and Central Phoenix. This bridge, a destination in itself, will also include boutique shops, small services, arts, and commerce and will finally create a cohesive identity for Indian School Rd.

To accomplish these goals for the Indian School Corridor we plan to:

1. Use the Overlay to protect and enhance the existing neighborhoods with development that balances the interests of landowners, the businesses who rent from them, and the existing residential community, and thereby integrating and uniting them as authentic partners and equal beneficiaries.

2. Use the Overlay Neighborhood Design Guidelines as a tool to create an attractive commercial and residential area that protects the Piestewa and Camelback views, that stresses crime prevention through environmental design, and thereby promotes a village style community that is environmentally designed to encourage exploration and repeated use. It will offer a place for community gathering, and community events at the various parks and streets for fairs / farmer markets, etc. to further a sense of neighborhood.

3. Use the Overlay to develop Architectural Design Guidelines with mandatory presumptive levels for commercial buildings to protect and enhance the existing neighborhoods.

4. Encourage economic development in the area by combining the Overlay with city tax incentives benefiting commercial owners and their renters thereby illustrating to investors that this corridor is currently undervalued and underutilized making it an excellent investment especially in the current economic downturn.

5. Join public works projects with the Overlay goals to beautify the space along the corridor using architectural and landscape details to define the space: desert friendly trees, shrubs, and flowers; shade structures, public seating, and upgraded bus stops; landscaped and/or architectural medians; and residential friendly lighting with architectural detail wherever possible.

Vision of the Completed Space

1. A destination for more vibrant national retail shops, local specialty boutiques, and service businesses that will compliment the luxury shopping and lifestyle found on the Camelback Corridor. Encourage more local business start ups for both retail and service business so that people can walk to work from the adjoining neighborhoods. We need to do as much possible to create a self sustained neighborhood – people can live, work and play within 1 mile of their home thus minimizing the use of the car. Encourage more bicycling and walking.

2. A model for residential integration of some of the oldest, more well established neighborhoods in the city with new low-rise mixed use residential and commercial development.

General Boundaries – Indian School Road between 51N and 44th Street; the south side of Glenrosa Street, and the north side of Osborn Road.

Top 5 Beautification Projects:

1. Create a Special Design Arterial Street – To free up the equivalent of one lane for pedestrian improvements, a designated bike path, and greenery, and lowing traffic flow by 5-10mph.

2. Landscape Improvements – to include trees, median enhancements using architectural ironwork with native shrubs and vines.

3. Pedestrian Improvements – Enhanced bus stops, crosswalks and intersection demarcation (such as faux brick walkways), and seating and shade structures.

4. Architectural Detail Improvements for new and existing lighting.

5. Signage Improvements – Beginning with reduction of current violations and enforcement of current codes. To build on this by creating signage that will begin the process of readily identifying this corridor with its own unique identity.

City Participation:

1. To offer progressive tax incentives/credits for those who wish to make positive changes in the area as per the Overlay and Design Guidelines.

2. To devote some of the anticipated Federal Infrastructure Bail-Out Plan monies to the improvement of the Indian School Corridor as per the Overlay and Design Guidelines.

3. Consultation assistance for the acquisition of other public grants and monies that may be available from the state and/or the county.

4. Join the expertise of the Community and Economic Development Dept with our major stakeholders and private equity group to accomplish the goals of the Overlay as precisely and efficiently as possible.