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Indian School Corridor is only one mile south of some of the most expensive real estate in the city, however it has not shared the type of economic prosperity that Camelback has enjoyed. The time has come to change that. Even in this less than stellar economy, working together, we can parlay our geographic proximity to Camelback Road into a success story while at the same time maintaining the uniqueness of the Indian School Corridor.

Working together in a real partnership: Businesses, Homeowners, and City Government, we can attract the kinds of vibrant retail shops, specialty boutiques, and restaurants that will compliment the luxury shopping found on the Camelback Corridor and entice that clientele to make the Indian School Corridor part of their retail and dining habit. This combined with a safer environment in which to live, work, and play will create a formula for success that can’t lose. We can then can use this model to help spread prosperity throughout Phoenix.

We have begun making this dream a reality by submitting our Business Overlay Outline to the City of Phoenix for their backing. Mayor Gordon, our Councilmen, Michael Johnson in District 8 and Sal DiCiccio in District 6 are behind us 100%. City officials have reviewed our outline and are as excited about the prospects as we are. We are already working on Design Guidelines and the city is investigating what kind of assistance they can give us in Investment Tax Credits Grant Monies, and special programs.

Your membership increases our size, strength and visibility in our efforts to make Indian School Corridor, and then the entire city, a better place. Please join us and help to make our city both safer and more prosperous. You can make the difference.