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The primary goal of our Coalition is to end the cycle of repeat misdemeanor crime that is damaging our ability to make a living and endangering our employees and our families' safety and quality of life. We are committed to this attainable ideal of reducing repeat street crime, not just in one neighborhood, but citywide. We are all one city, one giant neighborhood and we deserve to be treated that way.

We, the tax producing and tax-paying citizens, stand together to hold our elected officials, police, and courts accountable to us, and to "Require the Prior" and prosecute and sentence accordingly.

We have monthly meetings that rotate between morning and evening, and from one business location to another. You are encouraged to attend as many of these meetings as you can, but you will always receive an e-letter summarizing the meeting for you.

We do not ask for regular attendance or require dues, however, we do ask that if we need you to come downtown to influence the passage of a law or decision of a sub-committee that you would take the time to do so. This has happened twice in the past 18 months and it swayed the outcome of events in our favor both times.

Together, we can create a positive impact for generations to come.

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