Require the Prior

Why should I join the Coalition?

What benefits will I receive with my FREE membership?

1. You will be part of the fastest growing, most vibrant coalition of businesses and homeowners in the city of Phoenix. We are nearly 2200 businesses, 40 neighborhood associations, and 54,000 households strong. We have been endorsed by the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, the union representing frontline officers; and N.A.I.L.E.M., a statewide anti-crime lobbying group with 45,000 members.

2. You will be a part of a Citywide Coalition whose primary goal is to end the cycle of repeat misdemeanor crime that is damaging our ability to make a living and endangering our employees and our families’ safety and quality of life. Please read our April 14th sentencing letter.

3. You will be part of a Citywide Coalition that is committed to the attainable ideal of reducing repeat street crime, not just in your neighborhood, but citywide, because we are all one city, all one neighborhood. We will hold our elected, police, and court administrations accountable to “Require the Prior” and prosecute and sentence repeat offenders accordingly. Please read our April 14th sentencing statement.

4. You will be a part of a Citywide Coalition that is committed to our partnership with our frontline officers. We will fight to make the obstacles in their job go away so they are free to protect and defend our businesses and families as they are sworn to do. (See our White Paper, Booking Paper and Rifles Letter for details.)

5. You will be a part of a Citywide Coalition that is committed to the reality that the interests of businesses and the neighborhoods that surround them are one and the same and must protect each others interests since one can’t prosper without the other.

6. You will be part of a Citywide Coalition committed to eliminating repeat street crime so we can build real Prosperity in its absence with our Improvement District Plans, our insistence on Adaptive Re-use Standards and specific Design Guidelines in developing older areas, and our Annual Block Party on Indian School Road.

7. Your President, Executive Board, and their Committees will represent and defend these interests at City Hall and the State Legislature, and will continue to cultivate and deepen the partnerships between our group and every other government department that impacts our businesses and homeowners. View photos of our 1st annual “To Protect and Serve” Awards.

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