Require the Prior


The Indian School Corridor Citywide Coalition was created in July 2007 in response to the increase of street crime and graffiti at our businesses and in our neighborhoods. Our mantra became, “Require the Prior” to emphasis the need for police, prosecutors, and judges to stop the recurring pattern of returning these criminals back to our communities. We want our citywide policy of policing and prosecution to resemble the Broken Windows Method of Policing and Prosecution that has been implemented so successfully in New York City and many other major urban areas worldwide. Wherever Broken Windows is implemented prosperity follows.

Broken Windows Policing and Prosecution sends a signal to criminals that the community is in charge. This proven method of consistently arresting, forcefully prosecuting, and aggressively sentencing career street criminals who repeatedly commit crimes that affect the quality of life of law abiding citizens, pushes these career criminals out of the neighborhoods and cities where it is implemented. Once released from significant time in jail, the career street criminals leave those jurisdictions because it is no longer in their best interests to stay.

The Indian School Corridor Citywide Coalition has identified the systemic problems that have perpetuated the cycle of misdemeanor crimes in our area and are working vigilantly to address them. We have made, and continue to make, significant progress in this arena as we work closely with the City Council, Courts, and Police in an ever deepening alliance. (See our White Paper and Booking Process Paper)

Going Forward

Fighting neighborhood crime is the first phase of our Prosperity Plan. Working with our city partners, we have made great strides in reducing the crime along the Indian School Corridor. We continue to expand our Citywide Coalition into every Council District in the city of Phoenix so that we can help bring this crime reduction and the resulting prosperity to the rest of the city.

With the growing success of the first phase of our Prosperity Plan, reduction in repeat crime, we are ready to move forward in implementing phases two and three of our strategic plan:

1) Indian School Corridor Improvement District/Overlay
2) The 3rd Annual Partners in Prosperity – Require the Prior – 2010 Block Party

Now is the time to join us – and together we make a difference for generations to come.