Require the Prior


Read our June 24th letter in support of the pending Arizona State legislation regarding “Just Cause”. This bill goes before the committee on June 26th and if it passes, will guarantee the civil rights of our law enforcement partners statewide from administrative abuse during disciplinary action, a right already codified for our Phoenix Law Enforcement partners.

When the Arizona State Legislature thought about balancing the budget on the backs of our Public Safety workers, the workers came to us for support.  Read our May 20th letter to the Arizona State Senators involved in the discussion and be proud that our voices helped the Senate back off this discussion.

See our April 30th statement and letter to the judge that helped our Community Prosecutor, Bebe Parascandola, get this particular career street criminal 1 year probation consisting of travel restrictions between 51N and 52nd Street, from Thomas to Camelback Roads; with the stipulation that should he enter this area in the next year he will be sentenced to 30 days in jail.

Read our April 15th testimonial of Commander A.B. Smith of the Squaw Peak Precinct given during our “To Protect and Serve” Awards. View photos from the event.

See our April 14th statement and letter to the judge on why a career street criminal with 87 priors should be given a real sentence.

Click here to listen to KTAR nationaly syndicated radio host Darrell Ankarlo’s April 8th interview with Ann Malone.

See photos from the April 7th inaugural Require the Prior “To Protect and Serve” award ceremony, hosted at P.L.E.A. headquarters.

Ann Malone speaks to the Arizona Republic about Require the Prior. Read the April 4th article.

Ann Malone and Rich Walton speaks about Require the Prior on the news. Watch the March 25th CBS Channel 5 Report.

Ann Malone speaks about the Require the Prior Indian School Revitalization movement. Watch the March 25th ABC Channel 15 Report.

Read President Ann Malone’s March 27th Letter to Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon requesting more rifles for our Phoenix Police frontline officers and see the supporting documentation on the PLEA website.